January 9, 2012

National Apricot Day

"I love apricots. They’re so fuzzy, they’re furry. They’re like little pets you can eat legally.” - Jarod Kintz

It's National Apricot Day!

I feel fortunate to have grown-up with a parent who took such an active involvement in the education of her children (because a lot more things than we realize are learned outside of a classroom). For example, my mom did a great job at introducing my sister and I to a plethora of different fruits and vegetables that were outside the more traditional ones. As a result, I believe I genuinely know more about produce than many people do.

Like, did you know apricot means "precious" in Latin (this has something to do with the fact that they are one of the earliest fruits to ripen each season)? And the apricot is in the same family (prunus) as the nectarine, peach, cherry, prune, and even almond.

Come to find out, both my mom and her dad hate apricots. This explains their lack of existence in my childhood. Apparently my grandfather didn't like the fuzz on peaches or apricots, but he liked the taste of peaches, so when he ate them, he ate them from a can. He genuinely disliked the taste of apricots, though, so much so that he wouldn't even eat apricot cookies, because he said they were too sour. Meanwhile, apricots gave my mom stomach cramps which is why she never ate them. And I never ate them because, like my grandfather, I can't stand the idea of biting into something hairy feeling.


And today did not sway me otherwise - I had to eat dried ones (fresh apricots in January in Maine? Inconceivable!).

So to those of you who dig these little fruits...

Happy National Apricot Day!