January 10, 2012

National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

"That's why I hate bittersweet chocolate. I don't even . . . What's the point of that? Why not just sweet? I mean who . . . who are you helping?" - Michael Scott (former Manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton)

It's National Bittersweet Chocolate Day!

Bittersweet chocolate contains 35% chocolate liquor and is a pretty awesome source of antioxidants.

When I was in high school I took a course my senior year called "International Foods." It was a cooking and culture class about various geographical destinations. The teacher was fighting breast cancer at the time, and every now and then she would be in too much physical pain/discomfort that she would abandon the day's lesson and ask us to make anything that had chocolate in it (which was all she ever craved).

One day she had us make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.They were so good, I started making them all the time. Soon enough, they became my claim to fame. I made them as holiday gifts, as a thank you to those teachers that wrote me college recommendations, and even for my mom and step-dad's wedding.

I think cookies make people feel comfortable and relaxed. I know that's true for me, anyway, so that's exactly how I'm celebrating today! Besides, antioxidants help me look and feel young, while reducing my blood pressure, right?

So, really, I have to indulge in today's treat for my health and wellness!

(Though I'm not so sure my doctor would agree.)

Happy National Bittersweet Chocolate Day!