January 1, 2012

National Bloody Mary Day

"If life deals you lemons, make lemonade; if it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Mary's." - Unknown

It's National Bloody Mary Day!

Bloody Mary's might be the first "adult beverage" I remember having. Both sides of my family seemed to drink them by the bathtub-size every Sunday morning during the summer after long nights of drinking around the campfire. The bright crimson liquid acted as a red flag to us kids: our parents were hungover and would be too lazy to do anything but unenthusiastically whisper, "No, stop," from their lawn chairs to our every demand and evil doing. Which meant: game on!

The history of the Bloody Mary is a little hazy. Then again, after a couple of these drinks most everything becomes hazy, which is okay if you're trying to forget exactly how much you drank the night before. It's thought that Fernand Petiot first made the drink as we know it in the 1920s in Paris; comedian George Jessel also takes credit for the simple vodka/tomato juice combination in the late 1930s. Regardless of who created it (or why exactly it's served with a giant branch of celery), I'm personally thankful for it's existence and the oh-so-magical way it seems to alleviate the pain I feel from every sound being too loud and every light being too bright after a night of drinking far too much champagne.

Over the years, the drink has evolved and you can now order beverages like a "Bloody Fairy" (tomato juice and absinthe... no, thank you), a "Bloody Scotsman" (tomato juice and scotch.... my stomach is churning), or "Bloody Wings" (a Bloody Mary with the addition of Red Bull.... just... why?!).

I think I'll just stick to the original today.

Happy National Bloody Mary Day!