January 3, 2012

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

"Break open a cherry tree and there are no flowers, but the spring breeze brings forth myriad blossoms." - Ikkyu Sojun

It's National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!

One of the things I love about food is that there are no restrictions to how creative you can be. And everyone interprets food - like art, like music, like nature - in their own way. How your mom makes chocolate chip cookies may be incredibly different than how my mom makes them. And that's how it should be. Based on geography, culture, life experiences, etc. everyone's perception is different. And that includes both recipes and culinary dishes... or even how, when, and where to celebrate food holidays!

When I found out today was chocolate covered cherry day, the first thing that popped into my mind was fresh cherries covered in chocolate ice cream (a totally acceptable way to spend the day if cordials aren't your thing)! Despite the fact that it's fourteen degrees outside, it was gorgeous and bright tasting (which is nice when you live in a part of the world that gets oh-so-very-dark, oh-so-very-early).

Traditionally or non-traditionally, however you choose to celebrate today, have a...

Happy National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!