January 18, 2012

National Gourmet Coffee Day

"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and as sweet as love." - Turkish Proverb

It's National Gourmet Coffee Day!

The older I get the more competitive I become about irrational things. Who can shut the TV off the fastest? Who can guess how much the groceries are gonna cost without going over? Who will the pet bunny scamper over to when called?

The answer to those questions, by the way, is me. Always me.

When I found out a certain chain of international coffee houses with a green siren as their logo had something called a "Gold Card," and both my mother and friend had one, I wanted one too. Who cared about the benefits of the card (which used to include free drinks, free beverage customization's, and free trial offers on exclusive products, but now basically has no benefits)? I wanted the personalized gold-colored card. It seemed like the ultimate way of telling everyone: "I love coffee more than you do."

Because I do.

Relevant digression: did you know that most chain places have a "Secret Menu"? At Starbucks, this includes drinks that the baristas know about but don't promote? I have tried a few of them (and they all start with "grande with soy milk, no whip, no toppings"):

Nutella Latte
Ask for a mocha latte with hazelnut syrup. NOTE: Don't be surprised if it mostly tastes like a mocha latte.

Cake Batter Latte
Ask for a vanilla latte with the addition of toffee syrup.

Crunchberry Latte
Ask for a raspberry latte with hazelnut syrup, or get a strawberries and cream frappucino with hazelnut syrup. NOTE: This might make your teeth hurt, it's that sweet.

Butterbeer Latte
Ask for a latte with caramel syrup, toffee nut syrup, cinnamon dolce syrup, salted caramel or creme brulee bits on top, and - if you prefer - an extra shot of espresso. NOTE: Not sure that too many baristas have actually figured this one out yet. Usually my latte is a hot (liquid) mess.

Now go forth, and be caffeinated.

Happy National Gourmet Coffee Day!