January 5, 2012

National Whipped Cream Day

“Whipped cream isn't whipped cream at all if it hasnt been whipped with whips, just like poached eggs isn't poached eggs unless it's been stolen in the dead of the night.” - Roald Dahl

It's National Whipped Cream Day!

Sponsored by: Soyatoo

Unlike many of its counterparts, today’s food holiday actually has an origin!

On January 5th, 1914 a man named Aaron “Bunny” Lapin was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He would grow up to become the founder of Reddi-Wip. Yes, whipped cream totally existed before 1946, but it wasn’t until then that Lapin invented the super convenient, single-use aerosol spray canister with the white, sweet stuff inside it.

Now, there are some things that, when trying to eat healthier or more compassionately, you learn to part ways with. I'm thankful that whipped cream doesn't have to be one, because let's face it: you can take just about anything, add a dollop of whipped cream to it, and make it feel that much more decadent.

Soyatoo has been a go-to of mine for some time now. I don't make apple crisp unless there's some in the fridge (trust me: never was there a happier marriage than those two flavor profiles). It's made with organic soy or rice milk and 100% vegetarian organic fats. My ever-expanding baby-making hips love it, too: compared to regular whipped cream's 25% fat content, it's only got 11% fat! And my doctor has given me the a-okay on it: it's dairy AND cholesterol free.

Oh, and it's also delicious. Thought I'd throw that little fact in there as well. Does it taste identical to it's more traditional, dairy-based cousin? It does not. But it does mimic the taste, texture, and behavior close enough that it doesn't really taste like I'm eating a "substitute" product (though there is a distinct aftertaste - it's not bad, it's just a reminder that it isn't the real thing).

I'm thankful that my nearest grocery store carries it, and am even more excited that Soyatoo graciously sent me some of their product that I can't buy locally (after all, I live in a part of the U.S. that most people think is a part of Canada).

Happy National Whipped Cream Day!

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