February 28, 2012

National Chocolate Soufflé Day

"Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso." (Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.) - Spanish proverb

It's National Chocolate Soufflé Day!

When I think of chocolate soufflés (which comes from souffler and is French for "to puff or blow up") I think of very experienced, classically-trained chefs. And because of the delicate nature of a soufflé - the way it has a tendency to collapse quickly upon removal from the oven if not absolutely perfectly created and managed - I wasn't particularly interested in attempting to make this in the traditional sense.

After all, I'm a girl who likes to think outside the box.

So, I consulted with my chef friend and confidant about what to do. "It's too bad it isn't National Chocolate Cake Day," she said. "Because then you could make Chocolate Cake shots."

"Well, what's the difference between chocolate cake and a chocolate soufflé?"

"A soufflé is much more lighter and airier."

"So, what if I add, like, vanilla seltzer to the shot? The carbonation will give it that airier feel, right?"

She stopped and thought about it for a moment, than broke out into a wide grin. "You know, that might just work."

'Might just' is good enough for me.

Happy National Chocolate Soufflé Day!