February 22, 2012

National Cook a Sweet Potato Day

"My dream is to become a farmer. Just a Bohemian guy pulling up his own sweet potatoes for dinner." - Lenny Kravitz

It's National Cook a Sweet Potato Day!

Sponsored by: Alexia Natural Foods

Choosing a veg-based lifestyle was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. Not only is it the more compassionate, sustainable, and healthy option, it's also forced me to be far more self-reliant and tremendously more creative when it comes to feeding myself.

That being said, one of my favorite "genres" of food is BBQ. And in my opinion, it's also one of the most difficult to do well when you eat entirely veg. But the longer I do this, the better I get at being able to recreate my old favorite foods into new, just-as-good-if-not-better, animal-free ones.

It helps that there are companies like Alexia who make such deliciously hand-crafted potato products. Many of their items do not contain any ingredients derived from animal sources. While they don't represent their foods as such, the balance of the products used to make their potatoes are vegetarian or vegan by coincidence (but all-natural by intent!).

Now, I was already a fan of Alexia and didn't think it was possible to fall any more in love with them, until tonight when I tried their Spicy Sweet Potato Julienne Fries. They're exactly what I crave when I think about BBQ food now as they embody the ideal balance of sweet and spicy without one flavor being more overwhelming than the other; they're filling, but not heavy; and my hips don't hate me when I accidentally eat a bag of them (which may have happened) because they're a far more healthier option than the competitors. My only suggestion is that you bake them a little longer than the 25 minutes suggested if you want them to be crispy on the outside (which is a total requirement of my french fries).

Happy National Cook a Sweet Potato Day!

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