February 21, 2012

National Sticky Bun Day

“We're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.” - Captain Blackadder, "Blackadder Goes Forth"

It's National Sticky Bun Day!

These sweet treats - originally called "schnecken" - come to us from German settlers in Pennsylvania sometime in the 1700's.

I'm sure that there are Sticky Bun Purists out there who are going to hate what I've done with their beloved breakfast pastry/dessert: I've removed all signs of nuts and have made them from beer. Because a) I'm a firm believer that nuts should NEVER muck-about in my sweets and, b) really, whenever you can add beer to a recipe you should. Instantly, whatever you're making is ten times more bad ass when you can sneak a little booze in it.

It's also a really interesting ingredient to work with since there are so, so many varieties available. You can change the entire flavor profile of your sticky bun (not cinnamon roll - that has it's own national food holiday in October!) by simply using a different style of beer each time. Fun, right?

Happy National Sticky Bun Day!