February 5, 2012

World Nutella Day

"Nutella. I dig my spoon in and eat it straight out of the jar. I can easily go through one a week." - Malin Akerman

It's World Nutella Day!

There were a few things about me that stuck out when I lived in Europe, one of which was my disgust of Nutella.

Nobody could understand it. Neither could I really, I just know that the combination of chocolate and hazelnut grossed me out. I don't think I had ever actually had Nutella itself, but I had tried bacio gelato at a gelateria in Tenerife, Spain. It tasted . . . gritty to me. I couldn't understand European's fascination with it and they couldn't understand how this girl from the New England Patriots* could abhor it so much.

(*Note: Obviously, I'm not from the New England Patriots. But where I lived in Spain no one had heard of Maine, USA. So, I would always tell them I lived near Boston, Massachusetts. To which they gleefully responded: "OH! The New England Patriots, no? Americana futebol!" So, when they talked about me, I was the girl from The New England Patriots. And since today is the Super Bowl and the Patriots are in it, I thought it was apropos to tell you this story.)

A few months ago, when I was at my parent's house visiting, I was acting particularly snarky (long work day, over tired, stressed, whatever - I was being a bit of brat). My mom quietly went to the kitchen and later returned with a toasted waffle topped with Nutella and blueberries. As she handed to me I reminded her curtly that I hated Nutella. "Just shut up and eat it for, please," she responded, shoving the plate into my hands. I disdainfully picked up the waffle, rolled my eyes at her dramatically, and took a bite.

Less than a minute later the plate was empty and I was in a far better mood.

"That was the best thing I've ever eaten," I told my mom as I licked the Nutella off my fingers.

She just looked at me annoyed. "I know."

I'm sad I spent so many years Nutella-less and totally hard-headed about not wanting to try it. Today, I'm making up for that. I bought a new jar and everything to celebrate the day! Created in 2007 by Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio, two American writers living in Italy,World Nutella Day is all about spreading the (Nutella) love (be sure to check out their website).

So, what will you spread it on? On waffles with berries like me? Maybe you use it instead of peanut butter in your PB&J sandwiches? Or maybe you're a purist and you eat it with a spoon (there is no shame in this, friends. None.)?

However you eat it, I wish you and yours a very...

Happy World Nutella Day!