March 9, 2012

National Crabmeat Day

“The crab that walks too far falls into the pot” - A Haitian Proverb

It's National Crabmeat Day!

Sponsored by: Sophie's Kitchen

Many people asked me what in the world I was going to do to celebrate today, because - *gasp!* - if you don't eat meat you can't eat annnnnything at all. Woe is me! And before I could even answer, they told me (not suggested) that I should probably just get some imitation crabmeat and call it good.

Dear everyone, just because it has the word "imitation" in it doesn't mean it's fake.

FACT: imitation crabmeat contains a small percentage of actual crabmeat. And, the main ingredient in it is Alaska pollock (actual fish). It's then mixed with egg white, crab flavoring is added (with, again actual crab), and then a layer of red food coloring is applied to the outside (which is actual . . . ly just disgusting).

What about that seems appealing to me? Or to you, for that matter?

So today, I'm celebrating the day with Sophie's Kitchen. They're a plant-based vegan seafood company that uses Konjac root, a starchy plant that's used in Asian health food, to create the texture and flavor of traditional seafood.

Sophie's Kitchen crabcakes are vegan and contain no soy, gluten, MSG, cholesterol, trans fat, preservatives, sugar, or anything else artificial. I can pronounce everything in their ingredient list AND they're a great source of fiber. They're also an amazing alternative to our dwindling seafood resources. And as a girl who, not only eats as compassionately as possible, lives in Maine where seafood is an absolutely vital element of our economy (remember: we have around 3,500 miles of coast) - I agree wholeheartedly.

Oh, and did I mention that they're really . . . really . . . sexy tasting?

Crabcakes were one of the foods from my previous life that I absolutely loved. So, I was tremendously nervous about trying a vegan version. My assumption was that it was going to taste fishy or seaweedy similar to the stale stench that happens in the hot summer sun on a fisherman's wharf - BLECH - and, that the texture was going to be rubbery.

Actually the texture was, well, beautiful. I baked them and they came out something like a cross between a potato latke and an actual crabcake. And the flavor was divine as well. Perfectly balanced notes of spices with no overpowering artificial seafood taste; it was a really mellow undertone that added to the experience and didn't distract from it at all.

Served on a Canary Island inspired salad (avocados, cherry tomatoes, and sweet corn drizzled with olive oil, white wine vinegar, and salt), a few dipping sauces, and some lemon wedges these may have just become one of my new favorite foods.

Happy National Crabmeat Day!

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