March 17, 2012

National Green Beer Day

"The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind." -Humphrey Bogart

It's National Green Beer Day!

Did you know that green wasn't the original color associated with St. Patrick (who died on March 17th, 461 after decades of evangelism - supposedly, he used the shamrock as a way to explain the holy trinity)? Blue was actually the original color. But during a rebellion in the late 18th century, Irish soldiers wore green to make a political statement. Weirdly it caught on, and now - centuries later - every March 17th is filled with drunk Americans wearing green shirts donning slogans like "Kiss me, I'm Irish." Really captures the contribution of St. Patrick's work to Christianity, right?

Anyway, now you're all the wiser, foodies.

How did you celebrate today?

Me? I worked all day as a Guinness girl. Then, walked all over town to try and find green colored beer. Finally found a bar after many, many no-go's where green drafts were on sale for $2.50. Some very drunk random paid for my drink, since I had no cash. The beer was disgusting, probably because it was a Bud Light. Next year I'm celebrating with stout and green coloring - I hear while it doesn't do anything to the beer itself, it does turn the head greenish.

Happy Americanized St. Patrick's Day!

Oh! Seven years ago tonight . . .

(My very first pint of Guinness at Quay's Pub in Temple Bar of Dublin, Ireland
on St. Patrick's Day of 2005. Doesn't get any more authentic than this!)

Happy National Green Beer Day!