March 25, 2012

National Lobster Newburg Day

“The world is my lobster.” - Henry J. Tillman

It's National Lobster Newburg Day!

The difference between lobster newburg and lobster thermidor is subtle: lobster thermidor is made of lobster meat, sherry or cognac, and  a basic bechamel sauce that's cooked together in the shell of the lobster and topped with (usually) gruyere before being baked. Lobster newburg is pretty similar, minus the shell or gruyere.

Now, after cultivating my list of food holidays, there were several that I was dreading because of my veg-based lifestyle.

Today was on that list.

Despite the fact that I live in Maine, I have never had lobster newburg. Because . . .

a. Mainer's do not eat lobster for every meal.
b. Lobsters are not crawling all over the state.
c. They're only red when you cook them.

For today, I threw something together that I think resembles lobster newburg (only, y'know, sans the dead crustacean). It featured lobster and portabella mushrooms, a basic roux, and some seasoning (I couldn't bring myself to use kelp powder like I did on National New England Clam Chowder Day, since I think it tastes like what the ocean smells like when it farts... graphic? Maybe. Truthful? Yes.).

Happy National Lobster Newburg Day!