March 14, 2012

National Potato Chip Day

“It is easy to halve the potato where there is love.” - Irish Proverb

It's National Potato Chip Day!

Sponsored by: Kettle Brand

It's amazing, isn't it?, how a single person can so greatly affect or inspire what we listen to, what we love, what we eat. A few summers ago, one of my best friends spent four months in Kentucky working with youth at a summer camp. I found that when I missed him, I would go to the store and buy a bag of Kettle's "Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper" Krinkle Cut Potato Chips, which were his favorite snack at the time. I would take pictures and send them to him. Like this one:

(you can tell this picture's old: no wrist or arm tattoos)

When he came back, he and I would proceed to try every Kettle Brand chip that we could. The Sweet Onion ones were my favorite so he always let me finish the bag; the Spicy Thai ones were so hot we had to drink something in between each bite to cool our palates (yet, we kind of liked the pain!); the Backyard BBQ flavor became our go-to for a while during the summer months.

I was pleased as punch when Kettle wanted to partake in the new adventure of mine. They're a company that I fully support for so many reasons. First of all they are guided by the philosophy to use "only the freshest, all-natural ingredients to create intensely flavored, wonderfully craveable potato chips you can feel good about eating." And everything about that statement is true - their chips are made from real ingredients and I don't feel guilty when a bag in my house doesn't last as long as it probably should.

Better than that is the variety of sustainable business practices they're involved in, including (but definitely not limited to!):
Biodiesel - 100% of the waste vegetable oil from their product process is converted into biodeisel they like to call "Flower Power" that they use in their company cars. This simple act saves as much as eight tons of CO2 emissions every year.

Solar Power - In September 2003, they installed one of the largest grid-tied solar PV arrays in the Pacific Northwest. Using more than 600 solar panels set on roof-mounted racks, their plant now generates more than 120,000kWh of electricity per year.

Wind Power - Since 2006, they've been purchasing wind energy credit to offset 100% of their electriciy use in the U.S. This annually prevents more than 13,000 metric tons of CO2 pollution (that’s the equivalent to taking 2,700 cars off the road!)

Packaging - By removing the paper layer of their chip bags, they've reduced the material of the bag by 20%, saving over 22,000 trees annually and preventing over 450,000 pounds of packaging from going into landfills each year.

Which means not only am I eating really kick-ass chips (the texture and flavor on their chips are really too good to be true), I'm supporting a company that's invested in the the world's future. Which is pretty darn awesome if you ask me.

Happy National Potato Chip Day!

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