March 4, 2012

National Pound Cake Day

“I ate a pound cake today, but I gained two.” ― Jarod Kintz

It's National Pound Cake Day!

Pound cake is one of the most appropriately named food stuffs in the history of food stuffs. The sweet treat, which comes to us circa the 1700's, was originally made from one pound butter, one pound sugar, one pound flour, and one pound of eggs.

A four plus pound cake sounds like a whoooooooooooooooooole lotta cake to me. Over the years, that recipe has obviously been whittled down.

Much to my delight, for the most part we had a tremendously mild winter this year. Just when it looked as though spring was going to happen early however, we got a major dump of heavy snow. And the world went back to being colorless and drab.

The view off my balcony: a few feet of snow and dead, skeletal trees.

I am beginning to feel that claustrophobic panic set-in that happens annually come March. Where are the birds? Will I ever see the grass again!? HOW COME ITS STILL SO COLD OUTSIDE?!?

I'm not a huge fan of pound cake - in my opinion its nothing more than a vessel for tastier things: like a homemade strawberry topping using berries I picked in a private field during July in Maine and frozen for an occasion much like this.

So today: I'm invoking the spirit of summer. I know it'll be here soon enough, but today - in this moment - I miss it. I miss warm sunshine, the sound of birds, shorts . . . and fresh berries.

Happy National Pound Cake Day!