March 28, 2012

National Something on a Stick Day

“The moral of this story is not everything that's slick is non-stick, and not everything non-stick is slick.” - Alton Brown

It's National Something on a Stick Day!

Sponsored by: So Delicious

When I first started eating more compassionately, one of the most difficult things for me to give up was ice cream. But, I began noticing that the longer I went without dairy, when I would have it again I would feel sick to my stomach. It almost seemed that my body was intolerant to it. I'm actually convinced that a lot more of us have food intolerances than we realize; I bet if you stepped away from your diet and focused on just fruits, veggies, and legumes for a spell, when you chose to reintroduce certain things back in, you'd be surprised at what your body physically revolted at!

Anyway, I remember seeing the So Delicious Coconut Almond Mini Bars in the freezer of the organic section in my local grocer one day at the beginning of my dietary switch and thinking they looked enticing. After all, it was flavors I loved: coconut, chocolate, and almond. More importantly, it was a vegan "ice cream," and of all the things I was missing, that cold, creamy sensation was on the top of that list.

Nearly three years later, and my freezer has never been without a box of them. They're absolutely everything a transitioning ice cream lover could hope for. The chocolatey coating is delicate and not at all overpowering, the almonds are small but still flavorful enough to get the point across, and the coconut ice cream delivers that ideal cold and creamy (and mildly tropical!) sensation I needed. They're also AWESOME on the body - there's only 170 calories, and there's three grams of fiber and two grams of protein ("But if you don't eat meat, where do you get your protein!?" is the single most annoying question in the world to me. LISTEN UP, LADIES, I GET IT IN THESE DAMN SEXY SO DELICIOUS ICE CREAM BARS, OKAY?! Okay.).

According to their website, Turtle Mountain, LLC (the folks behind So Delicious) are "keenly aware of how foods affect a person’s well-being and quality of life" (didn't I mention that earlier?!). "As we listen to the needs and desires of our customers, we have learned that the success of our products is as much about what they do not contain as it is about what they do contain. To this end, we use only the highest quality ingredients, and employ the most stringent testing, production, and packaging methods."

The next time you come 'round to my flat, feel free to help yourself to one of the So Delicious ice cream bars in my freezer. I promise you'll love every bite. And if you don't, then . . . well . . . I'll eat it for you. Because these sweet little things seriously helped me in my early days of compassionate diet.

Happy National Something on a Stick Day!

Disclaimer: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer. Opinions expressed are totally my own and are NOT in anyway influenced by monetary compensation. Logo used with permission of company.