March 26, 2012

National Spinach Day

"What was paradise, but a garden full of vegetables and herbs and pleasure? Nothing there but delights." - William Lawson

It's National Spinach Day!

Whether you wanna feel like queen (Italian born Catherine de' Medici, queen of France in the mid-sixteenth century, loved spinach; many French dishes that incorporated the vegetable for her became known as "la florentine", paying homage to her hometown) or like a badass (remember Popeye? He was a scrawny fella with a big heart. Whenever he was pitted against an enemy, he ate a can of spinach and instantly became mega strong and muscly), spinach is the (super) food for you. Just some of the health benefits include reducing body odor, headaches, and high blood pressure. And it's good for the skin (no wrinkles and acne!), the bones, and the immune system.

So, basically, if you wanna look and feel young - up your intake of this leafy green veg!

There are loads of ways to celebrate today. You could go with something rich like I did and make a really thick cream sauce (probably not the healthiest option!); make a salad with spinach, feta, pecans, and avocado; or, try whipping up a smooth with spinach, bananas, strawberries, and chocolate hemp protein powder. However you choose to eat today, have a...

Happy National Spinach Day!