April 18, 2012

National Animal Cracker Day

"Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?" - Author Unknown

It's National Animal Cracker Day!

Rarely do I get on my soapbox but . . .

You are not clever, cute, or charming when you ask a vegetarian if they eat animal crackers. And do you know why? Because it's a stupid question and you know it's a stupid question and, furthermore, you're probably the four hundred and eighteenth person to ask them that.

Last time I checked, animal crackers do not contain rotting carcass (which is what animal flesh, after all), which means they're vegetarian friendly. There are those brands that find it necessary to shove crap like whey, gelatin, or shortening in their animal crackers, so vegans just need to read the ingredient list (which should come second-nature to anyone eating a specific diet after a period of time).

AND GUESS WHAT?! A lot of animal crackers are naturally vegan.

So, yes, Herbivores eat animal crackers. Y'dig?

Happy National Animal Cracker Day!