April 28, 2012

National Blueberry Pie Day

“Men may come and men may go... but pie goes on forever.” - George Augustus Sala

It's National Blueberry Pie Day!

A few years ago, neither my sister or I were very good when it came to cooking (eating, on the other hand, is something we've always excelled at). While I could make the most perfect bowl of cereal ever and she could microwave a frozen burrito like it was nobody's business, neither one of us were really what you might call "impressive." But necessity is the mother of all invention, and as a result of our individual life choices we've each come into our own culinarily (truth be told, she's really the one with all the skills; I'm completely in awe of how creative and competent she is when she's in a kitchen).

A few months back she sent me a picture of mini apple pies she had made her boyfriend (he calls them "Happy Pies"). I was incredibly impressed with the ingenuity behind this (after all, it was something I had certainly never thought of doing), and when I realized she would be home visiting during today's food holiday I demanded that she make me some.

So she did.

And it might be the best moment of this "eating the year" project thus far . . . because I got to spend time with her doing something we both have come to love while listening to good music and living in the moment.

Happy National Blueberry Pie Day!