April 9, 2012

National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

"In some areas I am more noted for reading then I am for cookies!" - Wally Amos

It's National Chinese Almond Cookie Day!

Okay, Mr. Chinese Almond Cookie Day, you win for Most Specific Food Holiday yet. Couldn't just be "Chinese" or "Almond" Cookie Day, could you? No, suh. "Go big or go home" is your motto!

Seriously: who comes up with these days? As if Turkey Neck Soup Day wasn't random enough, along comes today (which I know I'm going to enjoy a hecukva lot more than random-poultry-body-part-stew).

I'm not sure who's behind today's food holiday, but out of curiosity (mostly because I was convinced today's food was totally fake) I did some research. Apparently Chinese Almond Cookies are mostly found in the south and southeastern parts of China and are usually eaten around Chinese New Year, given to friends and family as a gift because almond cookies symbolize coins - and who doesn't want to wish fortune unto their loved ones (as a matter of fact, feel free to make me as many almond cookies as you want for next Chinese New Year)?. Although, there is some debate as to whether or not these cookies actually come from China - they may have first been made by Chinese immigrants here in the States who adapted what was originally a walnut cookie recipe.

Wherever they come from, they've obviously made enough of an impact to gain their own national food holiday. That certainly says to me that these cookies are loved.

Then again, what cookies aren't?

Happy National Chinese Almond Cookie Day!