April 21, 2012

National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day

"Unanimously, worldwide, nobody I know of dislikes cashews.” - George Paulose

It's National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day!

I was raised by a family who believed that "mom and pop" stores were a vital part of any community. Whenever we had the opportunity to gas up, buy our groceries, or support in way, shape, or form our local economy then that's what we did. Not only is it a more personal experience, but you know exactly where and to whom your money is going.

It was sad to grow-up and watch several of those locally-owned stores either close their doors or be bought out by major corporations because of the drastic change in our economy. There was this place in my hometown called Mary's Candies and they were one of the last one's to survive. Every Christmas Eve, after taking us to lunch, my Mom would bring us over to Mary's. The older woman who owned the store always let my sister and I watch them mix huge batches of whatever confectionery treat they were making. Sometimes, she'd even give us a truffle immediately after they had been made!

Besides an enormous display case of every kind of chocolate you could think of, they also had roasted nuts that glistened attractively under the heat lamps. When you walked in to Mary's all you could smell was salt and chocolate. I remember that the cashews specifically were expensive, but my mom always bought a little bag for our Christmas Eve meal.

So, today, my chocolate covered cashews pay homage to Mary's Candies (and all the mom and pop stores that are most certainly missed every day).

Happy National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day!