April 3, 2012

National Chocolate Mousse Day

"Research tells us fourteen out of any ten individuals likes chocolate.” - Sandra Boynton

It's National Chocolate Mousse Day!

Dessert mousse is similar to pudding - they're both dairy-based, creamy desserts. The difference is that mousse is much airier and lighter, because  of the addition of folded in whipped cream or beaten egg whites.

Unrelated (but still important to mention today): Maine is actually home to the world's only life-sized chocolate moose.

His name is Lenny.

Lenny is located at Len Libby's in Scarborough, Maine and was first introduced to the world on July 1st, 1997. He's made from 1,700 pounds of milk chocolate and was sculpted in just four weeks. Given his age and, well, physical make-up he looks excellent, doesn't he?

Now, I know that today is NOT about Lenny, but I did think it was important to pay homage to him.

Chocolate mousse is far easier to make (entirely vegan) than you might think. Seriously! Just grab some silken tofu, some chocolate, and get to experimenting... you'll be surprised at how delicious a homemade mousse can be!

Happy National Chocolate Mousse Day!