April 7, 2012

National Coffee Cake Day

“A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece." - Ludwig Erhard

It's National Coffee Cake Day!

One of my favorite things about living in England was how at four o'clock every day I was brought a cup of a tea and two chocolate biscuits. The expectation was that I would take a break from whatever I was doing to just enjoy the moment, refresh, and reset for the remainder of my day (much like a siesta in Spain . . . those Europeans know something we Americans do not).

I so desperately wanted to carry that over when I came back to the states, but alas I didn't. It was a difficult thing to do when our general flow of life is so much different. That's not to say similar moments haven't happened, though. My well-traveled mom - despite never having been to this particular corner of the world - has quite the European soul.  She is excellent at making me stop (because, trust me, if it wasn't for people like her, I would just go and go and go until I dropped from exhaustion) to enjoy a cup of a coffee and a slice of cake or a homemade cookie.

So, today I celebrate that glorious combination of a hot beverage and a sweet treat.  I hope wherever you are you can stop - even if it's just for five minutes - to breathe and focus on being in the moment.

Happy National Coffee Cake Day!