April 16, 2012

National Eggs Benedict Day

"Love and eggs are best when they are fresh." Russian proverb

It's National Eggs Benedict Day!

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My very first boyfriend introduced me to eggs benedict. It quickly became one of my favorite foods in the whole world: I ordered it with a side of grilled blueberry muffin every time we went out for breakfast, and, we would make it at home as a late night snack (ooh, girl, there ain't nothin' quite like 2am eggs benny).

But Hollandaise sauce isn't exactly great for the hips.

And the whole dish isn't exactly great if you're a chicken or a pig.

When I first heard about The Vegg, which is "the world's first vegan egg yolk," I knew instantly that I needed to reach out and see if they'd be interested in sending me some so that I could experiment. The Vegg is a brand new egg-free yolk replacement made from nutritional yeast, sodium alginate, kala namak, and a beta-carotene blend meaning no animals are harmed in the making of it (which is great considering in the U.S. alone over 250 million egg-laying hens will spend most of their lives trapped inside itty-bitty, totally painful wire cages). The Vegg ALSO gives 10% of their net sales to Compassion Over Killing!

And the best part for all you foodies? You can use The Vegg for just about everything. Scrambled eggs, potato salad, noodles, pancakes, french toast, in cakes, as a breading, in eggs benedict... seriously, it's that versatile.

Well, hot damn. I'm impressed... are you?

Beyond just the adaptability and sustainable aspects to it, The Vegg is a) fun to play with and b) delicious. After I had mixed it with some water it became this goopy, yellow stuff that, well, looked and behaved like yolk. It took all of my will power not to just toast up some bread, dredge it through the bowl shamelessly, and stuff it into my mouth. I was inspired to use it again after I realized the capabilities of it and the new opportunities it would present to my food creating and loving heart (I haven't had french toast in close to five years... I'm so, SO excited to try The Vegg's recipe for it).

Happy National Eggs Benedict Day!

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