April 14, 2012

National Pecan Day

"God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them." - Franz Kafka

It's National Pecan Day!

The first time I ever had French pressed coffee, I knew it was love. I was dating a vegan boy at the time, and he decided that he was going to spend all of Valentine's Day weekend spoiling me - as long as I trusted him gastronomically. For breakfast, he made this huge, hearty, entirely homemade meal: scrambled tofu with veggies, hash browns, biscuits with jam, and French pressed coffee with unsweetened soy milk and raw sugar crystals.

It was the best cup of coffee I had ever had. Ever.

I remember feeling guilty for wanting a second cup, because unlike a regular coffee maker there wasn't a pot of it available. I knew he'd have to stop what he was doing to make some more (of course, he did though! He was also related to Kafka, thus today's food quote).

The next day I was ordering my own French Press online, and I've never been without one since.

Today, I'm celebrating by making my favorite style of coffee with a delicious pecan flavored roast.

Happy National Pecan Day!