April 26, 2012

National Pretzel Day

"Productivity is important but how can I be productive if I have this one little thing in my brain that I cannot get out? And that one little thing is a soft pretzel. So I'm just going to have my soft pretzel, then I'll get to work, and I'll be super productive. Look out for me." - Michael Scott, "The Office"

It's National Pretzel Day!

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I quite like pretzels. I always have. They remind me of my childhood, of my German ancestry, and of baseball games.

I never realized, though, that the pretzel had such heavy religious meaning. Apparently, they were first created by a monk in the seventh century who gave out the pretzels as rewards to those children who learned their prayers. He called them "pretiolas" (or "little rewards"); the folded strips of dough are supposed to resemble the crossing of one's arms over their chest like they're praying. There's also thought that the three holes in a pretzels represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (the Holy Trinity in Christianity).

And, unlike other food holidays, this one actually has an origin! In 2003, Pennsylvania's then governor, Ed Rendell, declared it as a day of celebration.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies.

I got to celebrate today with one of my favorite companies: Kim and Scott's. Actual Kim and Scott are, well, absolutely adorable. They met at a book signing, and decided to go into business to "nurture the world with their deliciously twisted and inspired products." They use custom recipes and premium ingredients, and each pretzel is twisted by hand and baked from scratch. And you can taste that in their food.

I couldn't be more pleased with their Traditional Bavarian Soft Pretzel's. They are crisp on the outside, while warm and doughy on the inside. The box comes with sea salt, so you have the option of how much (or how little) salt you decorate your pretzel with (people think it's weird that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE unsalted pretzels)! Yum!

(Oh, and my friends and I are STILL gushing about how delicious their Chocolate Crumb pretzels are . . . I'd say in my Top Ten Finds Of The Year!)

Happy National Pretzel Day!

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