April 27, 2012

National Prime Rib Day

"A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness." - Elsa Schiapirelli

It's National Prime Rib Day!

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Absolutely nothing about today's food holiday excites me. I'm over it, and I've been over it since I found out about the day's existence a few months back. No, you know what?! I've actually been over this stupid, senseless day my whole darn life! Growing up, my family could have been considered "poultrarians" as the only real source of animal protein we ate was from chicken or turkey. We rarely, if ever, ate cow. As a result, I've never eaten prime rib before (and I'm super proud of that fact - especially today!).

So, I'm gonna celebrate in true herbivore fashion: with meatless Texas BBQ jerky from Primal Spirit Foods while pointing at my ribcage (go on, haters, you know you want to blast me for not observing this day according to your closed-minded, uncreative points of view. Don't you know?: perception is everything. What something means to one person, means something entirely different to another. And on National Prime Rib Day? You can celebrate however YOU think is best, but leave me alone so I can celebrate how I think is best, y'hear?!). /end rant

I discovered Primal Spirit Foods a couple months ago. Low on cash and desperately needing a snack to tide me over until dinner, I grabbed two different flavors: Thai Peanut and Teriyaki. Now, in my pre-veg days, I never ate jerky. I just knew it was tough, stringy, greasy, and that it definitely wasn't going in my mouth. But the Primal Spirit Foods meatless seitan jerky? It was none of those things, and I was impressed. The Thai Peanut one - made from peanut butter, soy sauce, and fresh basil - is so delicious there's no way not to love this meatless jerky.

I promptly tried all the options thereafter: Mesquite Lime (could be more citrus-y in my opinion, but definitely my second favorite), Hot & Spicy (my least favorite, probably because it's made with mushrooms so the texture seems a little funky), Hickory Smoked and Texas BBQ (which are my "middle-of-the-road" options, both very flavorful though!).

I am thankful beyond words that Primal Spirit Foods decided to help me celebrate today. Their vegan jerky strips are full of good protein, using the freshest all-natural ingredients available, and they contain no GMO's, cholesterol, or preservatives. And they're so freakin' good to the wallet! Primal Spirit Foods was created in West Virginia in 2001 by friends with a mutual love for vegetarianism and world travel. According to the Primal Spirit Foods mission: "We have purposely chosen the manufacturing and sale of meat alternative food and healthier products as an expression of our desire to act more harmoniously with the environment, and our fellow living beings."

(Photo credit: Remick Photography)

Happy National Prime Rib Day!

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