April 3, 2012


Hi friends of Almanac of Eats!

We've never actually met, have we? My name is Steff (with two f's!) and this is my corner of the food blogging universe.

However you found your way here, I hope you'll pull up a chair and stay a while. My aim is to be entertaining, educating, to distract you for a moment or two from whatever you may going through, and above all just to make you think.

Now, I've been told that despite photoblogging every day for over two years I do an excellent job at never revealing too much about myself or my family. And that's both true and intentional: while you may see them from time to time in a picture or read an anecdotal story about them, I would never post anything about my family that was too intimate. Because believe it or not, I actually am a very private person.

But, there's a cause that's near and dear to my heart that I wanted to share with you that is a very personal matter. You see, my mom - one of my best friends in the whole world - has Multiple Sclerosis. Web MD defines MS as "a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord resulting in loss of muscle control, vision, balance, and sensation (such as numbness). With MS, the nerves of the brain and spinal cord are damaged by one's own immune system. Thus, the condition is called an autoimmune disease."

There is no cure for MS, but there is constant research into trying to find one.

Saturday, April 28th is the MS walk in my area. My step-dad and a good friend of the family will be walking the 5 miles in her honor, and she - that sassy, beautiful lady - will be attempting the one-mile route with her cane, Emily, if necessary. (SIDE NOTE: my mom was just being diagnosed with MS when the phrase "FML" was getting really popular. Instead of taking that negative route, she began saying "EML" for Embrace My Life. E.M.L. eventually became Emily - and that's where the name of her cane comes from. How cool is my mom?)

If you're interested, and I hope you are, you can sponsor her journey here!