May 28, 2012

National Brisket Day

"Heaven sends us good meat, but the Devil sends cooks." - David Garrick

It's National Brisket Day!

I'm afraid of satan.

No, not some guy with horns a pitchfork, but the wheat gluten pronounced the same way (okay, okay, I think it's really pronounced "say-tahn"... or "say-taan"... or "say-shun"... or maybe one of the other hundred other ways that no one can come to an agreement on). It was originally developed in China by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starches dissolved leaving just an insoluble gluten mass.

If I was having a non-veg eater over, I would use tempeh to impress them. Or maybe something using beans. If those options weren't available, I'd resort to tofu. But I would never in a million years use seitan. Because it completely freaks me out (that's right, world, sometimes vegheads can be scared about the foods created for us, too). It's just so... so... "meaty." And it looks like it has the potential to smell weird, or taste weird, or have a weird ass texture. Or that it might spontaneously grow a pair of crab-like legs, crawl across my walls, and leave a streak of brown goo in it's trail.

This is seriously what I think about every time I see seitan.

But today's brisket day. And I have no flippin' idea how to do this, so it seems I have to suck-it-up and play with seitan. And y'know what? It came out REALLY good. Really "meaty" which was kinda freaking out my brain and gut, but good!

Happy National Brisket Day!