May 17, 2012

National Cherry Cobbler Day

"If the only way we judged hunger was how full the stomach is, no one would ever have dessert." - Mark Friedman

It's National Cherry Cobbler Day!

If you're anything like me, the idea of chucking raw dough onto fruit might weird you out. But, if the great pioneers of this country who were traveling westward in the 19th century could make cobber, eat it, and not die (from dysentery maybe, but from cobbler? hell no!), then have faith it's probably gonna work out just fine for you today too!

In all honesty, our friends of the Oregon Trail would have probably been super impressed with me: it only took a whopping thirty-three minutes to make (thirty for baking, two for mixing the dough, one for opening the can of cherry pie filing and pouring it into a pan).

Happy National Cherry Cobbler Day!