May 15, 2012

National Chocolate Chip Day

"Number one, I absolutely love making chocolate chip cookies. I mean, it's fun. It's exciting. Beyond the fact that I love making them, I love eating them." - Debbi Fields

It's National Chocolate Chip Day!

Sponsored by: Glow Gluten Free

I have a relatively restrictive diet by choice. And while it isn't always an easy lifestyle, it is something I'm passionate about and that I've grown entirely accustomed to. It fits who I am and how I relate to the world. Well, a couple months ago, I was tested for celiac disease - an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that's caused by a reaction to gluten proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley - and, I hate to admit it, but in those few days that passed between having the blood work done and getting the results I remember thinking, "How am I gonna do this? I've already cut out so many foods from my life and this is just going to make things exponentially more difficult for me. What will I even be able to eat?! Those people can't eat anything!"

How selfish. How stupid. Suddenly, I was thinking the same things about a gluten-free diet that people think about my plant-based diet. I knew better than this. If I did have celiac's I would inevitably adapt. Besides, the food scene isn't the same as it was ten years ago, five years ago, heck, even just a year ago. There are so many options both in grocery stores (and not just organically focused ones either, but big, run-of-the-mill supermarkets) and at restaurants, that eating any sort of specific diet is totally doable.
I probably should have heeded the advice on Glow's website, which says "brace yourself for delicious." But alotta companies make alotta big claims 'bout their product, so I didn't listen, dived right in... and now woe are my hips, because I may or may not have accidentally polished off the box of Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. I couldn't help it. I mean, don't get me wrong, the Chocolate Chip Cookies were very good, too - basic, hearty, and something I would proudly offer to my gluten eating friends - but as a chocoholic? Those Double Chocolate Chip Cookies just do it for me. They're chewy, but not soft nor are they too crisp (what a fine balance that most cookies only hope to achieve!). They're chocolatey, but not artificially sweet. And even after I think I'm done eating them, I crave "just one more bite." Even the bunny loved 'em!

If I didn't feel like I was happily floating away on the chocolate-induced rush of endorphins and serotonin, I might be more worried about my ever expanding curves (repeat: "boys like curvy girls, boys like curvy girls"). Then again, Glow's cookies are trans-fat, dairy, and preservative free, and at only 110 calories per cookie I'm not too worried about it. For now that is. Ask me again in a couple months when I can't see my feet like Pooh bear.

Glow Gluten Free was created by Jill Brack after both she and her daughter were diagnosed with celiac disease. “It takes one to bake one,” says Jill on her website. “Eating gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to settle for less." The secret recipe to their cookies, besides love that is (trust me, I know it's there; mom's just know how to effortlessly incorporate it into everything they touch), includes garbanzo bean and coconut flour which makes them so dense (and so delicious).

Gluten-free or not, if you're a cookie lover, I would suggest trying these.  Except the Double Chocolate Chip ones. Don't eat those. They're just awful. You should probably just leave them for me to eat for you. Listen, I'm doing you a favor. Really.

(Photo credit: Remick Photography)

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

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