May 6, 2012

National Crepe Suzette Day

"That was my New Year's resolution... to have my fill of crepe suzette" - Claire Trevor as Helen Brent in "Born to Kill"

It's National Crepe Suzette Day!

Until Downton Abbey, I seriously had no idea what a crepe suzette was. For some strange reason, I was convinced it was just another name for a croque-monsieur (a hot ham and grilled cheese sandwich, only inside crepes). If I had known they were nothing but a delicious sugary, citrusy, alcoholy mess of carbs I'd have been eating them a lot earlier in life (and would probably be sixty-two pounds heavier as a result).

Crepe Suzette has a funny history... there's major dispute about it's actual origin. Some say it was invented in 1895 by Henri Charpentier, a young teen from the south of France. Others claim that it was named in honor of Suzanne Reichenberg, a French actress who went by the name "Suzette" from the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century. Still there are others who credit Oscar Tschirky who, around the same time, published a recipe called "Pancakes, Casino Style" where he made crepes suzettes sans the flambé bit.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies.

Wherever they come from... they're delicious. And I'm sorry I now know how to make these. Commence "Operation Becomafatty" now!

Happy National Crepe Suzette Day!