May 5, 2012

National Enchilada Day

"If God dwells inside us like some people say, I sure hope he likes enchiladas, because that's what he's getting." - Jack Handy

It's National Enchilada Day!

Sponsored by: Starlite Cuisine

I have been looking forward to today for a long time now. I have worked most every "drinking holiday," like St. Practice Day (the one month mark before St. Patricks Day), St. Patricks Day, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, July 4th, Half-Way to St. Patricks Day, and Halloween.

For the past five years, I've worked on Cinco de Mayo. Whether as a Hornitos Girl, Cuervo Girl, or Dos XX Cowgirl, I've always spent this holiday hustlin' and not drinkin'. Which is why today is kinda of special for me: its my first Cinco de Mayo I haven't had to work since 2006 (although we did pre-Cinco events this year)!






2012 (Taken at our early celebration!)

I'm really not sure how people celebrate this day, so I'm gonna do what I do best: eat and drink.

And thanks to StarLite Cuisine, I'll actually get to enjoy most of my day since their totally vegan (totally gluten, GMO, preservative, trans fat, and cholesterol free) taquitos (which make excellent enchiladas, by the way) are already made - they just need to be tossed into the oven with some enchilada sauce (I got both red and green 'cause I wasn't sure what I was gonna be feeling - in the end, I went with green!) and vegan cheese. After baking for a half hour, I enjoyed them with a margarita knowing not only did I not have to go out to enjoy this totally authentic experience, but I also didn't have to harass any people who are.

Their beef taquitos made me really, really nervous. In my pre-veg days, I wasn't a huge red meat kind of girl; and, now, I don't think I ever eat anything but fake chicken when it comes to mock meats. For some reason, I really thought these taquitos were going to be grainy and taste like soil. Actually, the "beef" was spiced just right and the corn tortillas actually tasted like corn (whatta concept right?). More impressively was the texture. Everything had a really inviting consistency: the "beef" was tender and held up perfectly, while the tortilla was soft and melt in my mouth good. I can't wait to try these as actual taquitos!

As a foodie who loves, loves, LOVES real Mexican flavors (and when you nearly live on the border of Canada, that can be hard to come by) and loves the occasional pre-made food (seriously, everybody deserves a break in the kitchen from time to time, and if that means yanking something out of the freezer and into the ole' microwave than so be it - don't judge!) I'm completely besotted with StarLite Cuisine. They give me hope. Hope that good tasting/good for you food can come frozen; hope that good tasting/good for you food that comes frozen can also be vegan! According to their website, the company was founded in 2000 by a sister team, June Wang Lim and Selene Wang. And StarLite Cuisine is the extension of their parents company, First Vegetarian Foods, started in 1979.

StarLite Cuisine's mission is easy: "to create innovative vegan products that taste great, are convenient, and promote nutrition and health." A simple goal, maybe, but they are achieving above and beyond what they realize. Go Facebook 'em. Go follow 'em on Twitter. And whatever you do: find their taquitos or tacos and buy 'em, make 'em, eat' em, and relax the whole time, because they did all the work for you (for your body and your mouth)!

Happy National Enchilada Day!

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