May 24, 2012

National Escargot Day

“Escargot' is French for 'fat crawling bag of phlegm.” - Dave Barry

It's National Escargot Day!

I've never tried escargot. Which I'm totally cool with, since the entire idea of eating a snail grosses me out anyway.

Escargot is a French term for edible snails; there are only about one hundred species that can be eaten and they're harvested in May - which is why we're celebrating this holiday when we are - primarily in Burgundy, France. Folks have been eating snails (really, don't you wanna know who the first jerk was that looked down at a slimy, little snaily-kitty and thought, "Well that looks delicious. Om. Nom. Nom."?) since the Roman times.

Heliciculturalists are snail farmers that raise land snails for human consumption or for cosmetic use (apparently snail slime is all the rage in health and beauty items). Um... that's nasty.

But now you're all the wiser, foodies.

Today I'm celebrating with an "escargot inspired" dish using mushrooms, which totally make you grow bigger and give you extra life, but DON'T hurt anything in the process.

Happy National Escargot Day!