May 10, 2012

National Liver and Onions Day

national liver and onions day, steff deschenes
"The best thing about liver is how virtuous it makes you feel after you've eaten some." - Bruce Jay Friedman

It's National Liver and Onions Day!

Yes... people actually eat this dish.

Lots of people, too. It's a favorite in both the UK and in Germany where it's usually eaten with mashers. In France, liver is fried in butter and lard. In Italy, the recipe for the perfect liver includes a dash of wine. In Latin America, it's often eaten with tortillas and rice. And, in the USA, it's a dish that is wildly popular in diners in the south.

I French-Canadian'ed this shizzle up by spreading the mock liver and onion pâté (which came out more like a vegan cretons) on a toasted bagel with basic yellow mustard.

And it was a little bit of a mouthgasm.

Happy National Liver and Onions Day!