May 31, 2012

National Macaroon Day

“'What about desserts?' I asked. 'If the world comes to an end, I'm going to want cookies.' 'We're all going to want cookies if the world comes to an end,' Mrs. Nesbitt agreed." - Susan Beth Pfeffer, Life as We Knew It

It's National Macaroon Day!

Sponsored byLiz Lovely

When I fall in love with a company it's usually because they make a good product at a good price and are doing good things for both the people and the planet. I don't usually fall in love with the creators of the company themselves.

I discovered Liz Lovely a couple months ago. Feeling particularly blue and in dire need of something sweet (New England winters can be long and dark, and sometimes all it takes is something simple - like a good cookie - to cheer the soul up), I bought a package of Liz Lovely cookies and promptly ate both in one sitting (oh, and did you see the picture above?!; they're like the size of dinner plates!).

I became an instant fan because of how uniquely delicious their totally vegan and frequently gluten-free cookies are, but more importantly because they don't taste like "vegan food." They taste like... well, like cookies. Like really good cookies. And that's how really good cookies - despite being vegan or not - SHOULD taste!

It was important to me that Liz Lovely be a part of the Almanac of Eats journey because they're a company that stands for a lot of the things I believe in and support. But as I did my research on them, I realized that I didn't just love them as a company... I kinda of loved Liz Lovely and Cowboy Dan - the folks behind these beautiful cookies - themselves.

According to their website, "Liz's greatest love affair has always been with sugar. And Dan's greatest love affair has always been with Liz. And that is where their story begins. Two star-crossed lovers: high on chocolate, but down on their luck. After the dizzying days of dot-com highs and lows, the beleaguered couple was out of work, in debt, with unemployment benefits running out fast. Meanwhile, and much to Dan's chagrin, Liz filled the freezer with vegan hand-dipped chocolate goodies for friends and family. The outcry was unanimous, 'When can we place an order?'"

That sounds like the beginning of a romantic indie flick that I would go to, cry at, and then download the entire soundtrack to.

I am absolutely humbled that Liz Lovely cookies sponsored multiple days though out this year. I will brag more and more about them as time goes by!

I really liked the macaroon's I got to try from them. Macaroons aren't generally a cookie I gravitate towards, so I'm not sure I would have tried them otherwise to be honest. What really piqued my interest about Liz Lovely's version of the cookie was that they're coconut AND lemon (and, oof girl, if there's one flavor I can't live without it's citrus). They are much softer than I was expecting (in a good way!; most macaroons I've ever eaten have been hockey puck hard and chewy like tar), the coconut is far more flaky (read: it's all over my floor right now), and the lemon isn't overpowering... it's a mellow secondary flavor that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

Happy National Macaroon Day!

Disclaimer: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer. Opinions expressed are totally my own and are NOT in anyway influenced by monetary compensation. Logo used with permission of company.