May 23, 2012

National Taffy Day

(Chews saltwater taffy) "So how are you going to...WHAT THE MOTHER OF CRAP IS UP WITH THIS STUFF? Is it gum, is it food? I mean what's the deal?...Oh, it's nice!" - Phoebe Buffay, "Friends"

It's National Taffy Day!

I was never a fan of salt water taffy. If it's called salt water taffy, then shouldn't it be made with or taste like salt water? I mean, it's sold in all sorts of kitschy stores on the coast here, so WHY isn't it produced with water straight from the Atlantic? It doesn't make sense. Every time I've ever tried one, I've always just felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment. These awkwardly chewy candies tasted like fruit. Boring. Old. Fruit.

According to food lore, in 1883 salt water taffy, which had evolved into a sweet concoction from treacle, had become a sensation on the Atlantic City boardwalk. One boardwalk vendor, David Bradley, claimed that his store had been damaged by crashing waves in one particularly bad storm. The next day, when a customer came in to purchase a bag of taffy, he jokingly offered her salt water taffy.

And now you're all the wiser, foodies.

But taffy doesn't have to just be chewy candy, does it? Taffy sometimes refer to the caramel used on apples. So, I found a recipe online for a taffy and nut dip for fruit and it was a lovely way to celebrate this day's food holiday!

Happy National Taffy Day!