May 22, 2012

National Vanilla Pudding Day

"One asks of a pudding, not if the cook who offers it is a good woman, but if the pudding itself is good." - Henry Louis Mencken

It's National Vanilla Pudding Day!

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I'm constantly in awe of how our brains work, how it can easily take a smell, sound, or taste and instantly flood our physical being and psychic state with memories from another time and place. For me, there are a number of foods that will always take me back to those first few months when I initially changed my diet from omnivore to herbivore. They were some of the first things I tried and as a result became my go-to foods of choice; I'll always identify them as having been a part of that very special time in my life.

Zen Soy pudding was the second vegan thing I ever ate when I started eating a plant-based diet. As you can imagine, they hold a very special place in my heart now - they gave me hope that not all pre-packaged vegan food tasted like cardboard. Or "soy-y" tasting. Originally, I was really impressed with how creamy and... well... normal it tasted. Years and many puddings later, I'm still just as in love with ZenSoy.

Since 1999, ZenSoy has been creating delicious soy milk using soybeans that are certified organic (which means NO pesticides [97% of the soybean crop are sprayed with them, by the way), NO petroleum-based fertilizers, and NO genetic modifications) and grown in the U.S. To them, it's important that their food passes the perfect "parent trifecta" of food questions: "Is this healthy? Is this nutritious? Is this organic?"

Why the panda on the package of Zen Soy?  Well, that's Su-Lin. And she's a panda against pesticides. Which, according to their website is, "ZenSoy’s campaign to safeguard the environment and our food supply from harmful chemical pesticides.  We are pledging 5% of all profits to international wildlife organizations and to promote organic farming."

They just burrowed their way a little deeper into this heart of mine.

Happy National Vanilla Pudding Day!

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