June 16, 2012

National Fudge Day

"If I were thin, I'd never say 'I am powerless over fudge.' a) I can't believe I actually ever said that. b) Which, of course, isn't to say that I do have any power over fudge. Particularly if it has nuts." - Camryn Manheim

It's National Fudge Day!

Sponsored byObsessive Confection Disorder

I once had a job where my boss promoted the idea of knowing what you're good at and doing it; and knowing what you're not good at, but having resources who could help you. I don't excel at making fudge. So, I did some research and found someone - a resource - who is.

Her name is Melodi and she owns Obsessive Confection Disorder. OCD, the self-proclaimed "Vegan Caramel Whisperers", was created to help folks satisfy their sweet-tooth in a kinder, gentler way. Their beautifully crafted treats are made with positive energy and the highest-quality ingredients which are always mindful of local sustainability. They use recycled and compostable materials to wrap up their candy, and their commitment to consumers is simple: they stand behind, next to, and up for their sweets.

My mom - who may be the biggest caramel lover I know - tried one of OCD treats, because let's face it, one of the best feelings in the world is sharing someone's "favorite" with them! OCD says it best on their website: "Obsessive Confection Disorder artisanal sweets are meant to bring about delight too big for the heart to hold." This is a promise they can comfortably stand behind. My mom, who since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, every now and then has a problem eating certain foods... they don't taste the way they should. Chocolate, one of her favorite foods in the world, now has the tendency to taste/feel like sand in her mouth.

However, when she tried the OCD treat she exclaimed genuinely, "That chocolate was so friggin' caramelicious. YUM!!!" And before even trying them myself, I knew that these sweet treats weren't going to be anything less than glorious (or, as I like to refer to foods that are so good I'm at a loss for words: a mouthgasm).

And they totally were.

Melodi, along with a few other treats, sent me WTFudge for today's food holiday. The description on the website reads: "an impossibly rich symphony of vanilla bean caramel and bittersweet chocolate, mixed with toasted coconut, pecans, crisp brown rice and potato chips. This stuff kicks ass! (In the best possible way, of course.)"

I'm never the one in my circle of friends and family to say "I can't believe this is vegan!" But... damn. I can't believe this is vegan! The caramel actually tastes like caramel. And the fudge itself? There are so many extraordinary flavors and textures happening all at once that every bite floods your senses. And seriously, the idea of putting potato chips with chocolate is one of the most brilliant things ever! Despite making iced coffee, and pulling out strawberries and a plate to make an event of eating the fudge... I literally downed it in a matter of seconds while walking around collecting said things. It was silly how sexy tasting it was.

Obsessive Confection Disorder is on both Facebook and Twitter. And they should be in your mouth, too, so get on that and place an order (I know a certain food blogger who wouldn't mind if you send her a Salted Agave Lime Caramel Bar her way *winkwinknudgenudge*)!

Happy National Fudge Day!

Disclaimer: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer. Opinions expressed are totally my own and are NOT in anyway influenced by monetary compensation. Logo used with permission from company.