June 11, 2012

National German Chocolate Cake Day

"Chocolate: the poor mans' champagne." - Daniel Worona

It's National German Chocolate Cake Day!

Sponsored byAhimsa Custom Cakes

The natural foods store in my hometown has always carried a unique variety of locally made baked goods. From organic brownies to raw cookies, from gluten-free english muffins to vegan cakes they've supplied a plethora of wonderful options for those folks with either very specific diets or just very curious appetites.

A few years ago, when I started frequenting that store, I discovered these two-bite vegan cakes. They were at the check-out haphazardly tossed in a basket and there were some really tempting options including chocolate espresso, lemon, apple cinnamon, carrot, etc. I bought one on a whim and was blown away that something so extremely delicious could be vegan (this was long before I had become an herbivore, or really even knew much about plant-based diets).

I went back once a week for a two-bite cake for many months. After a while though, they stopped carrying them - the baker was too busy to make them. When you're a consumer who falls in love with a product made by a small company, you run the risk of this happening.

So I did what any sane foodie would do... I hunted her down on the internet.

Ahimsa Custom Cakes is owned and operated by Kristi Touchette who's been baking from scratch since almost her entire life. She masterfully creates cakes similar to that on "Ace of Cakes" or "Cake Boss"... only her's are organic and vegan. And 90% of her returning customers are non-vegetarians, so she's obviously doing something right!

I've been following her ever-evolving career for years and was absolutely stunned that Kristi at Ahimsa so graciously wanted to participate in my attempt to eat the year. It's always a little intimidating, I think, when someone you admire even acknowledges your existence, let alone supports your crazy endeavor. I mean you have to understand, Ahimsa was the first vegan "company" that I really knew of and actively sought out. I was impressed and inspired that someone local could make such downright tasty treats without the use of everything I was told absolutely has to use when baking.

Kristi chose to do German chocolate cake day, and I'm glad she did because she knocked this day outta the park for me (where my history of eggless baked goods hasn't exactly been impressive). The cake she made for me was put through a number of trials before I even consumed it - it went from her kitchen to my car to my fridge to my car to my work fridge to my car to my friend's fridge to the hot outdoors for a picture back to my friend's fridge to my car to my fridge to my mouth.

Get all that?

And you know what? It tasted as fresh as if she had just made it. I can't believe it held up as well as it did. The chocolate cake was moist and soft while the frosting remained creamy and flavorful. Did I mention flavorful? The coconut tasted both fresh and sweet, but the underlying current of bourbony-vanilla? It was basically one of the most irresitable flavors I've had all year. I loved the way the aftertaste permeated my senses like a good bourbon will... and should.... subtly do.

I didn't share a single bite of this decadent delicacy. And neither me or my hips regret that decision.

I'm not usually a "cake" kind of girl (to be honest, the last birthday cake I remember having was in the seventh grade). But cake from Ahimsa? Trust me when I tell you, it's totally different then anything you've ever had or have even thought of. I implore you to check Kristi and her cake company out as soon as you can (and, hey, sometimes she runs contests for free goodies - so be sure to friend her on Facebook!).

Happy National German Chocolate Cake Day!

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