June 30, 2012

National Mai Tai Day

"The mai tai got its name when two Polynesian alcoholics got in a fight over some neckwear." - George Carlin

It's National Mai Tai Day!

"Out of this world!"

That's what was exclaimed when the first Mai Tai was consumed. According to legend, Victor Bergeron - one of the founders of Trader Vic's - of Oakland, California crafted this drink for some Tahitian friends in 1944. After sampling it, one of them said, “Mai Tai-Roa AĆ©!" (or "Out of this world! The best!"). And the name stuck.

However, rival restauranteur (because all good stories need a feud of some kind, right?!), Don the Beachcomber claimed he was the actual creator of the drink, and did so in 1933 (na na na poo poo). Although, if you look at the recipes for both drinks, they're actually pretty different.

Wherever they come from, I know tiki lover's everywhere appreciate it, including Elvis. His movie Blue Hawaii just wouldn't have been the same without the colorful little beverages. After all, the night is heavenly and you are heaven to me, lovely you Mai Tai.

Lovely you.

Happy National Mai Tai Day!