June 27, 2012

National Orange Blossom Day

"A man ought to carry himself in the world as an orange tree would if it could walk up and down in the garden, swinging perfume from every little censer it holds up to the air." - Henry Ward Beecher

It's National Orange Blossom Day!

Sponsored byWax Orchards

Sometimes things work out better than you could have ever hoped for.

I had no idea how was I going to celebrate today's food holiday. It's just so very... specific. And random, right? But, as fate would I have it, I stumbled across a company called Wax Orchards.

In 1920, August and Johanna Wax grew and sold a plethora of wonderful fruits from an orchard on Vashon Island (a short ferry ride from Seattle). They also made high-fiber preserves using just the fruits from straight-off their farm sans any water, pectin, sugar, or corn syrup. They were proud - and still are! - of the totally fresh, totally intense flavors they can naturally derive from their fruit-sweetened products.

They make berry syrups (which I oh-so-joyfully get to try later in the year!) and a plethora of different fudge sauces... including an orange passion dark chocolate one.

Which works out kinda perfect for me today.

I was skeptical about Wax Orchards at first... I assumed the fudge sauce was going to have that flat, underwhelming off-taste that sugar-free chocolate tends to have. Everything I've ever had that's diabetic friendly has been like that. But then... this isn't made with strange chemicals or additives, so it wouldn't have any sort of funkyness to it at all would it?

Now, if I were to make a Top Ten list of the best food holidays I got to celebrate/best product I got to try this year, this fudge sauce would be very, very high on that list. It tastes EXACTLY like those chocolate-orange spheres that you smack on the counter to break apart into "slices." Only, the orange tasted like a real orange would taste, and not like something a lab may have made (because, let's face it, there's absolutely nothing in those candies that are satisfying, satiating, or at all natural... where as this orange passion dark chocolate fudge sauce is all three of those things). Not to be too gross, but I was actually eating this stuff out of the jar with my finger (and yes, there were witnesses... and yes, I may be eating it out of bowl in the picture above - the ice cream was just a suggestion, really).

Unexpectedly, today may go down as one of my favorite days yet.

Happy National Orange Blossom Day!

Disclaimer: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer. Opinions expressed are totally my own and are NOT in anyway influenced by monetary compensation. Logo used with permission from company.