June 23, 2012

National Pecan Sandy Day

"Having in my life been bitten by the jaws of both victory and defeat, I must rush to add that success is to failure as butter pecan ice cream is to death." - Rupert Holmes

It's National Pecan Sandy Day!

Pecan sandies aren't my favorite thing.

But they were my mom's at one point.

It's funny, isn't it? If someone we loves really likes a particular food, we end up also feeling a strong attachment to it - even if we don't personally like it - because of the person that does. I have lots of foods that I feel warmly about because of both my mom and sister.

For example, I would never sit down and eat a bowl of sour cream and salsa mixed together (which looks a little like sick, by the way). But it reminds me of my sister when she was little, because it was her favorite after school snack... and so, the idea of it always makes me smile.

More recently, after my mom was diagnosed with M.S. and lost her love/ability to eat chocolate, she became addicted to pecan sandies. They were the one sweet that helped her overcome the initial stages of diagnosis and medication. I have never actively sought out or eaten a pecan sandy... but for the rest of my existence now they will always make me think of my mom. And how much they helped her.

So today... I dedicate this food holiday to my mom.

Happy National Pecan Sandy Day!