June 2, 2012

National Rocky Road Day

"Chocolate is not cheating! After a salty meal, you need a little bit of sweet. This is living, not cheating." - Ali Landry

It's National Rocky Road Day!

I'm not a huge fan of nuts in my desserts; and, I'm definitely not a fan of marshmallow in my ice cream (I had two really bad experiences: 1. the first time I ever went to a specialty ice cream shoppe that makes whatever you want on giant marble slabs, I got tiramisu ice cream with gummy bears and marshmallow... it was f'revolting; 2. In college, during a pity party over a boy no doubt I polished off - in one sitting - a gallon of peanut butter, marshmallow swirl ice cream. I got very... very... sick).

Supposedly, "rocky road" ice cream was created during the Great Depression by William Dreyer (as in, the co-founder of Dreyer's Ice Cream) after he chopped up walnuts and marshmallows with his wife's sewing scissors and tossed them into his bowl of chocolate ice cream. He gave it the name he did, because it coincided with the difficult economic times people were having and he hoped it would uplift their spirits.

Anyway, now you're all the wiser, foodies.

Happy National Rocky Road Day!