July 2, 2012

National Anisette Day

"They're just sittin' on their asses drinking anisette!" - Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro in "Casino"

It's National Anisette Day!

Ani what? Anisette? What is this? Why have I never heard of it before?

Oh, because it's star anise flavored alcohol... which tastes like licorice... which tastes like licking tar. Seriously, anise/licorice might be one of top ten flavors I hate the most. I'm so excited to celebrate today, I really am. </sarcasm>

In all seriousness, anisette is mainly consumed in European countries like France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. It's colorless and actually contains no licorice as it's made by distilling aniseed. Apparently, the alcohol has a very potent flavor when consumed straight... so much so that it can irritate the throat if not drunk slowly. It's usually consumed with just a little water where it produces a milky consistency. There's even a method to the perfect water and anisette drink. All of the alcohol needs to be dropped into very cold water at the same time. Pouring it from the bottle doesn't produce the same white-ish consistency that denotes a good anisette drink.

I'm happy to announce that my little corner of the world doesn't carry anisette (okay, I went to one mom and pop liquor store looking for it, and since they don't carry it I'm going to irrationally assume nobody does!). But they do carry sambuca, which is Italy's version of anisette.

Oh, yay. I wouldn't want to miss out on this.

Time to drink a shot called "Liquid Asphault" (see, I knew I wasn't the only person who thought licorice tasted like this!) and it contains another one of my least favorite tastes: Jagermeister.


Happy National Anisette Day!