July 18, 2012

National Caviar Day

"Caviar is to dining what a sable coat is to a girl in evening dress." - Ludwig Bemelmans

It's National Caviar Day!

I have been dreading National Caviar Day since the beginning of this project. Caviar absolutely repulses me. Even in my pre-herbivore days, the very sight of it - the very mention of it - literally made me gag. Every time I think of caviar all I can picture are little gelatinous balls that burst in your mouth when you eat it releasing thousands upon thousands of tadpoles down your throat.


I wasn't sure how vegetarians could eat caviar, either. I've seen a lot of faux-animal products, but this was one I hadn't come across yet. I looked online and found a few companies that did actually make veg-friendly caviar using seaweed (duh, right? That's like the perfect ingredient when you think about it.) But having it shipped to my lovely corner of the world was close to $40.


Yes, I'm committed to this project, but $40 bucks is $40 bucks.

So, I tried to find an alternative to ocean-based caviar... and wouldn't you know, there actually is one! Texas Caviar is a black eyed-pea and veggie mixture that's served with tortilla chips like a dip.

And it's delicious.

Happy National Caviar Day!