July 3, 2012

National Chocolate Wafer Day

“Chocolate makes everyone smile - even bankers.” - Benneville Strohecker

It's National Chocolate Wafer Day!

"I don't understand what a 'chocolate wafer' is," said my friend The Photographer.

"You know, those like... it's... like... a layer of wafer, a layer of chocolate cream, then another layer of wafer. They come in sleeves with vanilla and strawberry one's like Neapolitan ice cream," I exclaimed, drawing a clear image of my grandmother's pantry from when I was little.

Apparently this struck a chord, because he instantly knew what I was talking about. But I realized that this is just my interpretation of what a chocolate wafer is; other people consider the cookie part of an Oreo or what ice cream sandwiches are made of a chocolate wafer (those seem a little too far fetched for me).

The National Biscuit Company (i.e. Nabisco) created chocolate wafers as I know them in 1924 along with a ginger and sugar version (which apparently weren't quite as popular). Besides eating them as is, one of the first recipes using these delicious little snacks was for an icebox cake. Nabico's recipe was simple: layered wafers with whipped cream between each stack and spread on the sides then frozen.

(Bee tee dubs... did you know most packages of van-choc-straw wafers are vegan? WIN.)

Happy National Chocolate Wafer Day!