July 20, 2012

National Fortune Cookie Day

“I just got a fortune cookie that says, 'Turn off your computer and read a book,' which is odd because I’m WRITING a book…on my computer!” - Meg Cabot

It's National Fortune Cookie Day!

Did you know: fortune cookies aren't Chinese. They may not even be Asian. There's some confusion as to whether they were initially created in Japan then brought to California, or just made right in SoCal by a man named David Jung who handed the scripture filled cookies out to the poor near his shop, or made in San Francisco by a landscaper Makoto Hagiwara who made cookies filled with thank you notes for the people who stood by his side after being fired by a racist mayor then later reinstated to his job as caretaker of the Japanese Tea Garden by a different mayor.

Secondly, the "fortune" itself is more than likely created by a freelance writer... well, whoever wrote the third one down may be getting fired:


Happy National Fortune Cookie Day!