July 28, 2012

National Hamburger Day

"You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars." - Charles Kuralt

It's National Hamburger Day!

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I think a lot of people - herbivore or not - at some point in their life end up trying a veggie burger, which, I'm pretty sure, is the number one food associated with vegetarianism (that and cheese pizza). As a result of being poorly crafted, poorly grilled, and poorly presented, the "veggie burger" has gotten a seriously bad rep over the years.

But they aren't the bizarrely earthen colored, cardboard tasting, crumbly patties that are either soggy like oatmeal or hard like a hockey puck you might think they are. Some actually rock.

I generally tend to stray far, far away from veggie burgers. They just disinterest me. People are always shocked when I refuse to order one when we're out at a restaurant that offers them. Why would I do that? I don't need to perpetuate the stereotype that it's all I eat (besides, I like being that customer who orders something off the menu with a million little changes just to challenge the staff), I also don't need to risk whether or not it was grilled on the same area the meat was (chances are it was), and finally there's a really good chance it's going to be absolutely revolting.

Sol Cuisine's Almond Grain "Burgers are definitely not.

I love almonds, but I was a little hesitant to try a burger made with both almond butter and almonds themselves. I feared it would taste dry, but it was both really dense and moist. It didn't actually taste like almonds, either, which actually made me happy (I didn't want the mouth-feel on this to be like I was eating a nut burger; I wanted to feel like I was eating something substantial, filling, and hearty... and this did the trick!). Sol Cuisine are also made with spelt, soybean, carrots, onions, and green lentils which you can actually see and taste.

I had mine on hot cherry pepper and Sicilian olive bread topped with sun-dried tomato vegan mayo, arugula, and tomato slices. It was a thing of beauty. And, since we're always honest with each other, the picture in today's blog? It's actually the SECOND burger, because I ate the first one so fast. It was so messy, and so good, and I just couldn't stop myself. Really.

Sol Cuisine was started by Dror Balshine. He, like many of the companies I've come to know, was having a difficult time finding great tasting, protein rich, meat-free foods. After some experimenting, he found the perfect "burger" recipe using soy which is both sustaining and satisfying - more so than any animal product is. "Our health is the most precious thing we have, so why not preserve it by eating good food!" says Balshine on the website. "We’re grateful for our emotional attachment to our customers, because food is emotional. Our work gives us hope for our planet and makes us all feel as though we’re making a difference."

Happy National Hamburger Day!

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