July 7, 2012

National Macaroni Day

"Life is too short, and I'm Italian. I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0." - Sophia Bush

It's National Macaroni Day!

I really wanted to write something sentimental or clever about today. Like how, when my mom started working second shift it fell to my dad to make a nutritious, filling dinner for my younger sister and myself every night.

So he fed us macaroni and cheese.

Or macaroni and cheese with peas mixed in.

Or macaroni and cheese with tuna fish and peas mixed in.

Or macaroni and cheese with spam and peas mixed in.

Or macaroni and cheese made with tomato soup.

Of all these concoctions macaroni and cheese with peas was my favorite. So, I thought - since it seems I'm on a "recreate all the dishes from my past" kick - I'd make this for dinner. I had fresh shell peas from my farm share, so it all seemed to work out.

Until about an hour after I ate the entire box (this was a mistake, I realize; but, at the time I was just so hungry and so tired it really seemed like an excellent option), and my insides started twisting into what I can only imagine is the same feeling Ellen Ripley had before the alien blew out of her body.

Thinking that some sunshine and a jog would help, I went out for a four-mile loop around my house. It was nearly a hundred degrees out with a hundred percent humidity. When I got home, I sat in a cold shower for a spell mumbling every curse word I could think of at that bloody meal.

My... how our bodies change over the course of our lives. When I was eleven, I could eat a giant plate of that stuff. Now? If I never eat it again, it will be too soon.

Happy National Macaroni Day!